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When Your Child is Injured and in the Hospital

Practical Suggestions for the Families

Emotional Support

  1. Give other children time to ask questions.
  2. Explain the injured child’s condition as clearly as possible.
  3. Talk about the accident to your family, letting them know what happened.
  4. See how the family is feeling and thinking, letting them know what you are feeling. Talk to other families who have been through this.   
  5. Changes in your family behavior such as sleeping and eating patterns, tearfulness, silences, quarrels. Encourage them to talk about their feelings.
  6. Inform all teachers about the accident and how your child is doing.
  7. Let your children know that they are not forgotten but not able to spend as much time with them.

Keep list of important names and phone numbers on one pad keep it with you.

  • Hospital
  • Address
  • Main telephone
  • Room number
  • Nurses desk and name
  • Doctors name
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists

Write down questions to ask and the answer. Keep a list of things to do and notes.

Checklist for Discharge

  • Date, time  
  • Medicines or supplies
  • Special diet or food
  • Activity limits
  • All instructions from therapists
  • Follow-up appointments

Going back to school

  • Date
  • Contact principal
  • Child may need a tutor
  • Medication to be given, inform school nurse
  • Will child need special arrangements?
  • Help with stairs, bathroom, rest periods