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Headway Contact Information

Please call our main phone number - 716-408-3120 for information regarding the following topics:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Waiver
  • Nursing Home Transition and Diversion (NHTD) Waiver
  • Support Groups
  • Advocacy and Support
  • Advisory Council
  • Membership
  • Donations and Sponsorships
  • Annual Gifts
  • Other/Administrative

Fax Referrals to Headway

TBI Waiver Fax number is 716-817-2531

NHTD Waiver Fax number is 716-817-2530

Headway Administrative, Development and Support Staff

Ronald Fernandez, RRDS, CRC, LMHC

Amanda Zackem
Community Relations Coordinator
Direct: 716-408-3110

Main Headway Office Fax number: 716-882-1289

Headway Waiver Staff

Ronald Fernandez, Director RRDS
TBI and NHTD Waivers

Shawniece Baillie, Lead RRDS
NHTD Waiver

Carolyn Isbrandt, Lead RRDS
TBI Waiver

Mia Rich, RRDS
NHTD Waiver (some TBI)

Alexis Swanson, RRDS
TBI & NHTD Waivers

Dianna Walkowski, RRDS
TBI Waiver (some NHTD)

Jessica Werner, Assistant RRDS
NHTD Waiver (some TBI)

Angelica Rochford, Assistant RRDS
TBI Waiver (some NHTD)

Mallory Stearns, RN, NE
Nurse Evaluator TBI & NHTD Waivers

Jacqueline Etippio, RN, NE
Nurse Evaluator TBI & NHTD Waivers

NHTD Waiver

TBI Waiver