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TBI Waiver Services


The HCBS/TBI Medicaid Waiver was developed based on the philosophy that:

1.    An individual with a TBI has the same right to be in control of his or her life as anyone else in our society.

2.    An individual with a TBI must be able to choose where he or she wants to live, with whom he or she will live, and who will provide any needed services.

3.   The individual with a TBI has the right to learn as a member of society, by encountering and managing risks, and through experience learn from related failures.

Services to enable you to stay at home or return home if currently living in a nursing home facility. 


1.    Be authorized to receive Medicaid Community Based Long Term Care in NY State

2.    Need at least one waiver service to stay at home or return home from the Nursing Home

3.    Be able to live safely with the help of the waiver and available community resources

4.    Be 18 years old and less than 65 years of age.

5.    Have clear medical documentation of a traumatic brain injury or acquired brain injury

All Services must be pre-approved and are paid for by Medicaid.

Available TBI Waiver Services - Buffalo Region

Service Coordination

A manager of your services.

An aide that helps you live in your home by helping with personal care and reminders. This service has additional eligibility requirements.

A goal-oriented trainer who helps you develop skills to be more independent.  ILST is not intended to be a long-term support.

Changes in your home to help you be more independent such as installing ramps or modifying bathrooms.

Equipment to help a person live at home and be more independent such as special cooking equipment.

A counselor to help you deal with the problems that brought you to the program.

A program you go to safely develop social skills and take part in activities. 

A therapist who works with you to change things that you do that cause you and others problems.

Funds to help you set up a home after being in a Nursing Home.

Home and Community Support Services

Independent Living Skills Training

Environmental Modifications

Assistive Technology

Community Integration Counseling

Structured Day Program

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Community Transition Services

Social Transportation 

Some service providers offer transportation if you can transfer into a car, are unable to use public transportation, and do not possess your own transportation vehicle.

The Home and Community-Based Services Medicaid Waiver for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury (HCBS/TBI) is one component of a comprehensive strategy developed by the New York State Department of Health to assure that New Yorkers with  traumatic brain injury may receive services within New York in the least restrictive setting.

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