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TBI Waiver Services

  1. The TBI Referral Form must go to regional office at Headway of WNY (Fax TBI referral forms to: 716-817-2531). Headway of Western New York conducts a personal interview that helps determine appropriateness and eligibility of participant for waiver services. All referrals must go through this process.
  1. The potential participant signs the Freedom of Choice form, Application for Participation and Potential Participant Interview Applicant Acknowledgement Form.
  1. The potential participant is given both the provider list and the service coordinator list. The participant may indicate at this point a choice of Service Coordinator perhaps based on prior experience or move on to the interviewing steps. The participant is asked to not call anyone on the list until step 5 is completed.
  1. The RRDS Office contacts all eligible Service Coordinators regarding their potential interest in providing services by sending them a general description and information regarding geographical area.
  1. The potential participant is contacted by the RRDS with who on the list would like to be interviewed and the participant is given their code # which identifies them to the possible providers.
  1. The participant schedules at their convenience interviews to pick a Service Coordinator.
  1. It is recommended that the participant meet with all of the Service Coordinators and then decide with whom s/he felt would work best. Although this is encouraged, the waiver participant may choose whomever s/he felt most comfortable with at the time. When you interview, please be sure the person you are interviewing, if picked, will be your Service Coordinator.
  1. Once the Service Coordinator has been selected, the RRDS needs to be notified with appropriate forms and by e-mail by the selected Service Coordinator.

The Service Coordinator will guide you through the rest of the process.

Other Service Coordinator responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

If, for any reason, the participant is concerned about the work of the Service Coordinator, or wishes to change Service Coordinator, s/he may call the RRDS Office 716-408-3120 for assistance.

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