Headway of WNY, Inc.

A support and advocacy agency
for individuals with brain injuries,
disabilities and seniors.

Headway Virtual Connection

Individuals who have appointments scheduled by phone with Headway/Headway Waiver Programs can access video or auditory conferencing by clicking the link below. 

Please note: If you are using an Apple Device (IPAD, Smart Phone or Apple Computer) you will need to use Safari 11 or greater. If you have Android or a Microsoft computer, your default browser must be Chrome or Firefox in order to make the connection. If your default browser is not set up as one of these, you will need to paste the link https://doxy.me/supportheadway in an acceptable browser (as noted above). 

If you are already using the correct browser, simply  CLICK HERE.

By doing so you will be entering a virtual room where you will be called in to a virtual meeting with a staff member of Headway.

These meetings are to provide communication for TBI/NHTD intake and Headway support functions. If you are having difficulty with this link, please call 716-408-3120 for Waiver programs and 716-408-3100 for all other Headway non-Waiver support related matters. 

Please read the Message from the Director for more information during this Covid-19 pandemic.

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