Headway of WNY

A support and advocacy agency
for individuals with brain injuries,
disabilities and seniors.

Contact Headway of WNY

Headway of WNY

2635 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14216

Phone: 716.408.3100
Fax: 716.882.1289

Waiver Contact Information

If you have questions regarding waivers, please use the following contact information.

Phone: 716.408.3120
Fax: 716.882.1289

NHTD Waiver
TBI Waiver

Ronald Fernandez, RRDS
TBI and NHTD Waivers

Carolyn Isbrandt, LRRDS
TBI Waiver

Judy Hutson, LRRDS
NHTD Waiver

Bridget Flynn, RRDS
TBI Waiver and Referrals

Shawniece James, RRDS
NHTD Waiver and Referrals 

Mary Jo Alessio, RN, RRDS
Nurse Evaluator TBI & NHTD Waivers

Danielle Cavaretta, Assistant RRDS
TBI and NHTD Waivers

Jolene Stanek, Administrative Specialist
TBI Waiver

Ronald Fernandez

Christine Melchiorre
Funding Resource & Outreach Specialist

Ginny Haynes
Advocacy and Support Specialist

Maggie Apotosky
Administrative Assistant

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