Headway of WNY

A support and advocacy agency
for individuals with brain injuries,
disabilities and seniors.


Staff Pictured

Top Row, Left to Right: Maggie Apotosky, Jolene Stanek, Carolyn Isbrandt, Bridget Flynn, Danielle Cavaretta, Judy Hutson, Ginny Haynes

Seated Row, Left to Right: Mary Jo Alessio, Ron Fernandez, Christine Melchiorre, Shawniece James

Current Headway Waiver Staff:

Ron Fernandez, Director, TBI & NHTD

Nurse Evaluator, TBI & NHTD

Danielle Cavaretta, Assistant RRDS, TBI & NHTD


Judy Hutson, Lead RRDS, NHTD

Carolyn Isbrandt, Lead RRDS, TBI

Shawniece James, RRDS, NHTD

Administrative Specialist

Headway Administrative/Development and Support Staff

Ron Fernandez, Director, TBI & NHTD

Maggie Apotosky, Administrative Assistant

Ginny Haynes, Advocacy & Support Specialist

Christine Melchiorre, Funding  & Outreach Specialist

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