Headway of WNY, Inc.

A support and advocacy agency
for individuals with brain injuries,
disabilities and seniors.


Headway Waiver Staff

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Ronald Fernandez, Director

Danielle Cavaretta, RRDS (PT)

Carolyn Isbrandt, Lead TBI RRDS

Shawniece Baillie, RRDS (NHTD)

Abbey Merhige, RRDS (PT)

Kristen Pokigo, Lead NHTD RRDS

Julia Stry, RRDS (TBI)

Susan Sturnioloa, RN, Nurse Evaluator

Lesley Pyjas, RN, Nurse Evaluator

Headway Administrative/Development and Support Staff

Contact Information Here

Ron Fernandez, Director

Maggie Apotosky, Administrative Assistant (PT)

Ginny Haynes, Advocacy & Support Specialist (PT)

Christine Melchiorre, Funding & Outreach Specialist (PT)

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